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Chloroprene rubber is a special synthetic rubber, with superior characteristics, especially adjusted to customer requirements. Compared with natural and even other synthetic rubber types, it has numerous applications. There is a wide range of grades, especially in the field of denatured types and latex for the production of aqueous adhesives.

Chloroprene rubber demonstrates a good balance of features, including such as resistance to ozone, oil and heat, flame retardancy, weatherability, special cohesiveness, etc., and is very easy to process.


* Electrical wiring and cables
* Automotive components
* Belts, hoses
* Coated cloth, foam rubber
* General industrial articles
* Adhesives, etc.


The plant near Chongqing China is producing a full product line of Chloroprene rubber for the domestic and export markets. The market for CR is growing and Chongqing Changshou Chemical decided to built an additional capacity of 40.000 Tons / Year by 2014.

The full product range is available under the new brand name CC-PRENE. For further information about types which would suit your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.