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NGS Elastomer offers fluorosilicone base from China


ERJ report February 2017

Sandesneben, Germany - German chemicals distributor NGS Elastomer GmbH has expanded the distribution of 16 different fluorsilicone standard grades from the Chinese producer
Weihai New Era Chemicals Co. Ltd. to Germany, Italy, England and France.

The companies signed an agreement in December 2016 at the supplier´s production site in Weihai, China.

Customers have the choice between four different product series with "good mechanicals properties and wide temperature range", said
NGS Elastomer GmbH in a press release.

The materials, it said, have oil/solvent resistance which can meet the strong requirements of automotive and aerospace applications.

Product series NFS 9400U, with improved resistance to fuel medium,
has also been added to the portfolio for applications in the automotive industry.


ERJ staff report (TP)

Sandesneben, Germany – NGS Elastomer, the German distributor of fluorosilicone base from Weihai New Era Chemical Co. Ltd, has started to supply the German and Italian markets with this product. NGS said it is “successfully serving the German and Italian markets with grades that have good mechanical properties, and that meet the high tear strength and low compression set requirements from the customers”.The quality is approved by leading manufacturing partners to the automotive and other key industries.

Thorsten Schneider at NGS Elastomer GmbH said: “We are proud of these advanced products and are confident that our producer will develop new grades with high heat resistance in the near future.” Weihai New Era Chemical Co. Ltd, based in China, announced it will upgrade its product list for fluorosilicone baseat their plant by end of this year and offer additional capacity of their NFS 9300 series with low compression set for the coming year.


Peroxide-cured FKM from China


February 2014 the Dr. Gupta Verlag wrote:

NGS Elastomer GmbH, the German distributor of fluoro rubber (copolymer and terpolymer) from Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., announced it will start supplying the German market with peroxide-cured terpolymer from the Chinese company.

According to NGS, the quality of the products meets the requirements of leading manufacturing partners to the automotive and other industries and has been approved by them. The Chinese producer announced it has finished the upgrade of facilities for p-FKM at its plant and to offer the additional capacity of its new grades FPM502P and FPM503P in 2014.


Hypalon alternative


NGS offers Hypalon replacement from China

Trittau, Germany -- Thorsten Schneider of NGS Elastomers has contacted ERJ to say that his company distributes chlorosulphonated polyethylene made by a Chinese company. DuPont Performance Elastomers announced last week that it was exiting that business where it participated under the names Hypalon and Acsium.



NGS Elastomer GmbH will continue the distribution of Azodicarbonamide out of the production of the terminated Lanxess/WeiFang-joint venture in the future under a new trade name in Germany. WeiFang WeiPeng re-starts the production of the types M-C1, F-C2 and L-C2 in May 2009.