NGS Elastomer GmbH - NGE Polymer GmbH

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NGS Elastomer GmbH - NGE Polymer GmbH

Since almost 30 years, we are working in the rubber- and plastic industry, our initials seem to make a name for themselves.

We made ourselves independent with NGS Elastomer more than 15 years ago. Until today we employ a five headed crew, which day after day pulls together with us to keep our business running. Half of our staff accompanies us a decade at least.

Even as consistent we can count on our partners of long duration from Far East.

… somehow it came up: NGS stands for Naturally Good Substances”

There is no reason to disagree to that…

Norbert Geerke Norbert Geerke

but as a matter of fact they are our initials:

Norbert Geerke


Rainer Scharf!

Rainer Scharf Rainer Scharf
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