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Hypalon alternative


NGS offers Hypalon replacement from China

Trittau, Germany -- Thorsten Schneider of NGS Elastomers has contacted ERJ to say that his company distributes chlorosulphonated polyethylene made by a Chinese company. DuPont Performance Elastomers announced last week that it was exiting that business where it participated under the names Hypalon and Acsium.

In a statement, Schneider said, "NGS Elastomer GmbH /Germany is Distributor of Jilin Chemical in Europe since 1993 and continuously supplying the European Market with Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene CSM 20 and CSM 40. NGS Elastomer will present all grades and latest developments of CSM on the IRC 2009 in Nürnberg.”

Meanwhile, ERJ has seen a copy of the letter DuPont Performance Elastomers sent to its customers. It says, "DPE is working with customers and have advised them that we will attempt to meet a portion of their needs before ceasing operations in order to lessen the impact of this action. Due to the highly hazardous nature of the Beaumont operation, safety is our chief concern and is a primary driver for a relatively short shutdown timing."

DPE said the Hypalon plant has been mostly idle since the last quarter of 2008. The company said the decision to close the plant and exit the business had been, "necessary in view of the significant deterioration of sales volume in all major regions and end-use market segments and our assessment that this business has ceased to be sustainable over the long-term."