NGS Elastomer GmbH - NGE Polymer GmbH

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Weihai New Era Chemical Co., Ltd. is as a private owned company specialized on development and production of fluoro silicone rubber.

The production is certified according ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 .

Self-evidently they offer monomers, polymers and Compounds for the main usage in gaskets, Membranes and O-rings for the automotive industry.  Further the coating of chemical–resistant textiles can be an application. Compared to Silicone rubber the good oil and fuel resistance is an advantage. The material can be used in a temperature range from minus 50°C up to +200°C, special grades up to 300 °C.

The current supply program includes 4 product groups with 10 different grades:

NFS 9100 series General Purpose

NFS 9200 series High Tear Strength

NFS 9300 series Low Compression set

NFS 9400 series High Resiliency