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Weifang Weifang


Since 1995, our partner WeiFang YaXing produces chlorinated polyethylene by combining chorine and special polyethylene according to the “HOECHST"-License”.

By repeated enlargement of the capacity since 1995, today WeiFang YaXing is the biggest and most modern producer of CPE with a capacity of 170.000 tons in the whole world.

Beside types for thermoplastic applications, also rubber types with a low mooney-viscosity are produced.


The main grades of Weipren CPE:

for rubber application

135 BStandard type for hoses and cables
6035Cable type with superior mechanical properties
6135Cable type with good processability
6235Cable type with well-balanced mechanical properties and processability
6335Superior processability
140 B Flame retardant equipped cable, conveyor belts, hoses
4135Cable type for high mechanical requirements

for plastic application

135 AStandard type for PVC-profiles and sheet applications
6035Cable type for blending with HDPE
7130Magnetic applications, low molecular weight
5236For Soft-PVC applications, relatively high molecular weight, good mechanical properties
2135Flame retardant for ABS, impact modification for PVC
3135Medium molecular weight, very good processability