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Chenguang Chenguang


Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, founded in 1965, was at that time the only Fluororubber producer in China. Due to the combination of research and commercial production, the plant grew to the biggest and most modern manufacturing facility. Also the research institute has an excellent reputation especially in the fluoro industry.

The plants located in Zigong and Shanghai both produce Co- and Ter-polymers.

Fluororubber is resistant against high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, petroleum, hydraulic fluids, fuels, condiment, many organic solvents and chemicals – which offer a wide range of applications.

Some technical details:
•    Temperature with -25°C is well in the statistic area
•    Heat resistance 200°C at long term usage
•    250°C are possible for a limited usage and
•    280°C for only a short time.

Additional Chenguang enlarged their portfolio and presented a grade of peroxide curable FKM with high fluorine content.

To help our customers to identify the mooney viscosity much easier and to meet the requirements  for
fuel hoses and o-ring applications this peroxide curable FKM is available in 4 new grades :

FPM 502P      (Mooney viscosity 20+ 5)
FPM 503P      (Mooney viscosity 30+/-5)
FPM 504P      (Mooney viscosity 40+/-5)
FPM 505P      (Mooney viscosity 50+/-5)

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