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Iqesil Iqesil


Our partner IQESIL - Industrias Quimicas del Ebro - experienced in more than forty years in the converting of natural silicates into valuable raw materials for the industry as high-graded finished products.

Processes and products are developed and improved continuously by an own process and trained staff of specialists. Modern and well equipped laboratories with the most advanced means of analysis, obtain best quality products and complete IQE's projects to the future.

IQE is certified according ISO 9001:2000 by Aenor, which proves its high standards, also concerning environment protection.

As a result of a constant improvement process precipitated Silica are offered for applications in the rubber industry among other types and grades for different purposes and industries.

Precipitated Silica
Precipitated silica is a synthetic, white, amorphous form of silicon dioxide, with the same chemical composition as sand: SiO2. Its characteristics are determined by its particle size distribution, porosity, specific surface and purity. It is a synthetic material with numerous applications and is fundamental in such diverse areas as pharmaceutical products or ecological tyres.

Aluminium Silicate Ebrosil SA 60
Development of aluminium silicates began when industries started to demand for an alternative, more effective, white filler to titanium dioxide. Since then, there have been an ever-increasing industrial interest in this type of product and it has become a white filler with numerous, varied applications that is used as a raw material in such diverse sectors as the production of paints and printing inks or the rubber and paper sectors.

PropertiesStandardS-125SA 60
Formgranules /powderpowder
Specific surface area (BET) 180 m²/g125 m²/g70 m²/g
Processabilityhighvery highexcellent
Dispersionhighhighvery high
Reinforcementhigh average