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HPL, India




Founded in 1964, our producer High Polymer Labs Limited is established as a reliable producer of high quality chemical specialities. Initially the company started out to manufacture only chemical blowing agents for plastics and rubbers. Meanwhile it has also diversified to produce antioxidants for plastics, azo-initiators, hydrazine hydrates, activators for chemical blowing agents, biocides and speciality chemicals. The company was awarded an ISO 9001 certification in 1997.

HPLL has established a formidable reputation in both the international and domestic markets for being a producer of 'World Class' chemicals. Being the single largest player with over 75% share of the Indian market for most of its products, HPLL products have also been widely accepted in the discerning market of the West, with exports currently being made to approximately 20 countries across the world through its international distribution and agency network.

Mikrofine ADC is an efficient general purpose chemical blowing agent for a wide variety of polymers in production of expanded products.

It is based on azodicarbonamide, the most common chemical blowing agent for manufacturing of unicellular products. Different grades are available in a range of particle sizes with very close distribution in self-dispersible (2-series), activated and self-dispersible (5-series) and coarser grades (Z-series) as listed following.

The products features are:

  • wide processing temperature range of 160°-230°C
  • neither the product, nor its decomposition residue impart odour on the finished product
  • although pale yellow to orange in colour, its residue imparts no significant colour to finished product
  • more efficient on cost performance matrix in comparison with other blowing agents
  • free flowing powder - not agglomerating, ideal for metering in hopper blender units on extruders or injection molding machines
  • completely dispersible - settling problems experienced with most blowing agent/plasticizer dispersions are eliminated
  • Incorparatable at end of mixing process into rubber compounds, easy dispersible to any compound, even at low viscosity
  • specially developed for production of whiter PVC plastisol applications where directly incorporatable as dry powder during normal mixing cycle, pre-dispersion not needed
  • vulkanizates with fine, uniform cell structure and smooth surface, while colour or odour are not imparted, are obtainable