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Start Rubber chemicals RDC, Italy

RDC, Italy




Since several years we are the German representative of RDC from Italy.

Please learn more about the power spectrum from RDC:

PREMIX is the registered trademark of RDC for premixes.

Chemical auxiliaries, accelerators, activators, anti-aging, special products in powder or micronized and blends of the same type bond with RDC's proprietary low melt polymeric matrix. The binder is compatible with all types of elastomers, provides high dispersion capabilities, has no effect on vulcanization, and is non-blooming.

  • Sulphur and sulphur donors
  • Scorch retarders
  • Antioxidants
  • Blowing agents
  • Metal oxides
  • Flame retarders
  • Peptizing agents
  • Special additives


Aromatic amines, silica, clays, liquid additives of different viscosity, accelerators, activators, anti-aging agents, blowing agents and various special chemical auxiliaries packed in low-melting point bags with specified weights.


  • Warehouse rationalization
  • Reduced and clean handling of raw materials
  • Lower costs for packaging disposals
  • Reduced risks and environmental impact
  • With an accurate automatic weighing system, the compound uniformity

Big boxes: 200 - 500 kg in accordance with product's density and customer requirements.
Carton boxes: 25 kg in accordance with product's density and customer requirements.
Big-Bags: 200 - 500 kg in accordance with product's density and customer requirements



This is the result of RDC's latest technology, allowing them to premix on a low molecular weight polymer matrix a blend of accelerators, anti-aging agents, antioxidants, waxes and fillers. The various auxiliaries can be premixed as a single pellet, according to the mixing, production and technical requirements of each customer.


  • Compound's uniformity
  • Reduced handling of raw materials
  • Improved weighing controls
  • Increase of ageing resistance
  • Lower cost for packing 
  • Reduced risk and environmental impact
  • Warehouse rationalization

Uniformity and homogeneity are guaranteed by the same production process which is totally under control during each phase (automatic weighing system for single ingredient, standardization of production time and temperature according to the different typology of the ingredients to disperse). RDC’s technical staff will be very much pleased to evaluate together with our esteemed customers any possible solution for their specific requirements.

In order to guarantee the granule content according to the customer indication, RDC can characterize the end products with a series of analytical controls.

The continuous research addressed to improving the performance of various chemical auxiliaries for rubber processing, enabled RDC to develop, using a new technology, the dispersion on a low molecular weight matrix of a wide range of chemicals blended together. These compounds are not only based on accelerator systems but also on antioxidants, anti-aging, waxes and fillers. The various auxiliary chemicals can now be blended into a single granule, utilizing a new RDC technology, effectively replacing - if required by the customer - the simple process of pre-weighed.